Toril Substation
MIESCOR lights up from TORIL
293 days and 800 men – this is what it took for MIESCOR to help distribute electrical power to a significant geographical area of Mindanao.

In Barangay Binugao, Toril District, roughly 20 kilometers east of Davao City, now stands a 138kV substation within an 8 hectare compound, system-ready to connect to the Mindanao power grid and deliver power from Davao City to Matanao, Davao del Sur.

Commissioned by Therma South, Inc., a subsidiary of Aboitiz Power, MIESCOR was tasked to design-engineer, procure,construct, install, test and commission the 138kV substation – the very 1st substation that is 100% compliant to the specifications set by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP).

Besting 4 other project bidders, MIESCOR was awarded the P456M project, primarily because of its track record in the industry, boasting of 40 years of experience in the energy sector.

The MIESCOR Promise
Not being new to the design engineering, procurement and construction of substations around the country, MIESCOR was fully committed, from Day 1, to do what it does best.

The project objectives were clear-cut: To deliver the 138kV Toril substation to Therma South, Inc. (1)
on time; (2) with quality workmanship; (3)in conformance to project specifications; (4) zero accident
without any Lost-Time Accidents following Health, Environment, Safety & Security Standards; and (5) within the budget.

And with all its experienced capabilities, this is precisely how MIESCOR did it.

The MIESCOR Legacy
“We don’t just build. We choose our projects.We work on projects that have significant impact on people’s lives. That is the MIESCOR legacy.” - Angelito D. Bermudo, President

Faithful to MIESCOR’s company mission and vision, the Toril substation is its most recent tangible example.

“We design, build, manage and maintain SUSTAINABLE facilities & infrastructure.” This is the MIESCOR company mission and true to its word, the Toril substation is sustainable in terms of design, quality and capacity.

Well-Satisfied Client
Asked about the project, Mr. Luis F. Lopez, Head for Operations Group then, now Constrruction Analytics Head, is filled with pride as MIESCOR turned over the substation last January, to well-satisfied clients, Therma South, Inc. Therma South, Inc. is very much delighted with how MIESCOR managed the project, so much so that they are now starting talks on potential other ventures. Therma South has even endorsed MIESCOR to its sister companies and partners, as a recommended contractor and reliable service provider. 

The 1st of Its Kind
Even the NGCP has been generous with its praise and approval, calling it “the 1st of its kind. The Toril substation is now looked upon as a design standard for future NGCP substations and is now an NGCP benchmark.

Projects In the Pipeline
Midway into the Toril Project, MIESCOR’s substation has caught the attention of interested parties, from both the government and private sector.
Many have seen now see what MIESCOR can do and how MIESCOR does it.
And now, many are interested to work with us.

Contribution to the Power Crisis Solution
Being a part of the solution to the Mindanao power shortage is now part of the MIESCOR legacy.
Although the substation is only one among many, this particular one boasts of its 138kV capacity, while being 230kV ready.
The Toril substation indeed plays a strategic role in NGCP’s master plan of strengthening the Mindanao power backbone.

Now that it has been switched on, the substation serves as the power conduit for a geographical radius of 78 kilometers, covering Davao City to Matanao.

Socio-Economic Impact
Giving labor and employment to close to 600 locals for at least 10 months is another source of pride for MIESCOR.

“With this, we are not just building something, we are helping to improve lives.” For MIESCOR President Mr. Angelito D. Bermudo, providing people with sustainable income on a long term basis has significant impact on the lives of Fiipino families.

This is one of the MIESCOR President’s views on the project, influenced by his personal vow to give back to the country and the people who have given him an opportunity to study engineering in UP.

MIESCOR’s presence in the South
With the multiple projects in Mindanao that are now underway, it can be said that
MIESCOR is steadily making its presence felt in the Southern part of the country.
This is part of MIESCOR’s bigger purpose: more than business profit and gain, MIESCOR works towards nation-building, ultimately, helping to improve and change Filipino lives.

The MIESCOR Footprint
January 2015 is the scheduled final project handover. At this time, when MIESCOR packs up and drives away with all its people and equipment, MIESCOR’s footprints will leave behind something more lasting.

Toril – what once was a sleepy, quiet district is now a place that has come alive, bustling with local energy, busy with newly-set up commerce and livelihood for many.

More than the structure, this is what MIESCOR has truly built.