With a workforce of over 5,000 engineers and project specialists, and over P4 billion in revenue in the last four years, MIESCOR is at the forefront of power sector construction in the Philippines. Founded in December 1973 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Manila Electric Company (MERALCO), MIESCOR has chalked up an exemplary record of performance as a construction contractor and power systems manager. Through the last four decades, the company and its subsidiaries, Miescor Builders, Miescor Logistics and Miescorrail have amassed a wealth of experience in power generation, transmission and distribution, petrochemical/chemical and industrial plants, water resources, transportation & telecommunication systems, and building services.


Morrison Knudsen Corporation (MKC) (now owned by Washington Group), acquired 25% of MIESCOR in 1989 as part of its expansion into Asia.

Values, Mission, and Vision

MIESCOR’s mission is to build and manage world-class power generation, transmission, distribution, waterworks, and telecommunications facilities to fuel progress in areas where these are needed the most. 

Market Segments

MIESCOR has a solid track record of growth in the power construction and management industry, with over 40 years of experience.